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It is all about risk reduction?

It is all about risk reduction?

What risk reduction? What is testing and certification really about? The basics are that products must be safe not be ...
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New things to happen in 2014

New things to happen in 2014

The year 2013 has come to an end. It was an interesting year with many new development in lighting. I ...
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ENEC Important or not?

Some words on ENEC. This approval mark is mainly focussed on Europe. It stands for European Norms European Certification. The ...
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Power factor LED getting improved through Ecodesign.

Power factor (λ) a subject that comes up in many discussions. Lets have a look at power, power factor and ...
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What does certified really mean?

This product has CE. A statement I often get, or this product is tested. What does that mean? It can ...
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Drivers, missing requirements in Ecodesign?

What does the ErP directive say about drivers. That is an interesting question. Lets first get one thing out of ...
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